July 3rd 2015

Today I cannot sleep because Thor and Zeus are having a lightning battle whilst Fat Joe and Lil Wayne are making it rain. 

The header picture for this post was taken just now, at 1:21am. But by the colour of the sky it could easily have been taken at 11am. 

I can’t believe I’ve succumbed to blogging about the weather. 

I’m not going to blog about the weather. 

But I have nothing else to write about today, and I have no desire to think of anything because, as previously mentioned it is 1:21am and I want to sleep but I can’t. 

I’ve yet to see any forks of lightning, but I hear the thunder and then the sky lights up (factually this happens the opposite way around, because of science reasons) I don’t know why I’m clarifying that, and not just correcting my mistake. 

But like I said, I’m tired. 

The storm seems to be over. 

Until tomorrow, be my thunder buddy. 



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