July 1st 2015

Today I found out the individual results of my final set of University exams. Last week I found out that I’d finished the degree with a 2:2 classification, but today I found out specifically what i’d got in each exam that I sat this summer.

Originally when I saw the email I didn’t want to know. I didn’t want to know because I knew that it’d be close. For a 2:1 you need to average 60% over second and third years, and I knew that it was going to be close. And it was. I averaged 58%. I was 2% away from a 2:1. And this is why I thought I didn’t want to know.

I thought that I would stress over that 2%. In the set of exams that I just sat I needed to average 70%, and I got 67%. I said from the very day that I finished my last exam that I hadn’t done enough. And I was right. If the last exam had’ve gone better than it did then I very likely would’ve got a 2:1. The first three I got ~70s on, but the last one fucked me. it fucked any chance.

Due to the nature of my degree (maths), and hence it’s exams, it means that it is very easy to come out of an exam and know what you did right and what you did wrong, there is a right answer and there is a wrong answer. What I thought would annoy me is that I know where I went wrong on some of the questions, and they were stupid mistakes. And looking back had I not’ve made those mistakes then I would’ve got the classification I wanted. I was close enough. But the thing is, I did make those mistakes. There’s nothing I can do about that now. No amount of regret, anger or disappointment will change the fact that I made those mistakes.

So I’m not feeling as bad as I thought I would.

I knew it would be close, and it was. But you see, 59.5% is just as close to a 2:1 as 50.01% is. Whatever you get within that boundary is still a 2:2. No matter how close you were. Although saying that, some have said that if you get 59% or more then they tend to round up to 60%. So really I was 1% out. That’s one question. On one exam.


Until tomorrow, I’ll try not to think about it.



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