June 30th 2015

Today I realised the true depth of my dependence on technology when I had to delay my run because my phone was dead. I couldn’t run because my phone had no charge. 

Running is an act that predates humans. Pre-homosapien apes ran. (Don’t tell me otherwise, I’ve seen Planet of the Apes) Dinosaurs ran (don’t tell me otherwise, I’ve seen Jurassic Park) 

The act of a human running probably predates the human act of eating food. Because back in paleolithic times when cavemen were about, if you wanted to eat something you had to run after it and catch it. 

So running is old, it is as old, and older than humans, yet it’s something that I cannot do without twenty first century technology strapped in my back pocket and plugged into my ears. 

I need Spotify for the music to inspire me to continue, I need Nike+ Running to tell me my average pace every 0.25 miles so I know if I’m slipping down or speeding up. I can’t run without music, Spotify gives me that. 

What Nike+ also gives me is a “certificate” at the end of each run, documenting the success of the run. Average speed, total distance, and a graph of my pace (including stoppages) by looking at these graphs every day I can see if I’m improving or not. 

How can something so simple as thrusting one foot infront of the other and propelling oneself forward require so much technology? 

It’s not so much a requirement, as it is a preference. 

Until tomorrow, just do it. 



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