June 26th 2015 

Today I worked a shift, at work, oddly. And I was reminded of something I’ve noticed over my many years of work in the service industry. 

There are many (a few) people who when you take their card payment using one of the portable card payment machines (I can’t think of the actual word) will put one hand over the keypad so as to cover what digits they are entering. As standard, when someone is entering their PIN I will look away, or fiddle with something on my apron, or do something to make it look like I am not looking at their PIN. 

But still some people will cover the keypad with their hands to make sure that I can’t see. That doesn’t offend me, it more interests me. It’s interesting that either they don’t trust me, or they are just the type of person that doesn’t trust people in general. 

Effectively by covering over the keypad they are saying that they don’t want me to know their PIN. And the only use I would ever have for their PIN is if I were to steal their Credit Card and go on a shopping spree. So by hiding their PIN they are trying to protect from the act of me stealing their card and going on a shopping spree. Which thereby tells me that they think I am going to steal their card. Which I am not. 

Not many people do this, I’d say probably 1 in 10. Some people just tilt the card machine towards them slightly, some people just type it in for me to see, but there are people who will completely shield every number they put in. Just in case I steal their card. 

It just interests me. 

I don’t think that it is an attack on me personally, no one is saying that they think that I will steal their card. It’s just a general mistrust, and I’m fine with it. If I wanted any details from the card I’d take the 16-digit card number, the expiry date and the security card. Who even needs a PIN these days when everything worth buying is online?

Until tomorrow, that’s just something I’ve noticed. 



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