Mesut Özil isn’t a magician, he’s a mathematician.

A football blog written by me.

One Short Corner

Using extremely, extremely raw numbers, there are 5,650 videos on YouTube titled with some variation of “Mesut Özil – Magician”, “Mesut Özil – Wizard” and there’s even one that I will quote by name because of its excellent alliterative title “Mesut – Midfield Magician of Mannschaft”. There are 93,700 Google Search results for the phrase “Mesut Özil Magician”. A Twitter search for the same three words shows that there are at least 12 parody accounts that make out that Mesut Özil is a magician. There are five separate Facebook fanpages for “Mesut the Magician” (Five doesn’t seem like a massive or impressive number but bear in mind what we all already know – Facebook is dead.)

I’ve been told that football blogs should contain stats, so there they are. Those numbers were obtained by searching three words on four sites (I’d’ve searched Google+ as well, but, let’s be honest here…)…

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