June 23rd 2015

Today I turned 14 years old. 

Well, not really. Kinda. 

I am 21 years old but I spent today exactly how I spent pretty much every day of the summer holidays when I was 14. I was with my girlfriend Alice during the day, and then we went to the park to meet some friends. She played on the swings with the girls, whilst us boys played football in/on the cage/pitch/field. 

It was the same park, the same pitch on which we used to play football every day. The same park where a policeman accused us of drinking alcohol because we were swigging from cans of monster energy drink. 

It honestly felt like it was a day from my youth. I loved it. It was the same four of us from seven years ago, too. Me and my best friend, my girlfriend and his girlfriend. We’ve both (just about) made it seven years as couples, and seven years on we were in the same park. So much has changed but at the same time nothing has changed. I have better hair now, and I’m about a foot taller, but we’re still the same people. The only difference was that after 3 years of studying maths, my knowledge of angles and trajectory was pretty good so I scored some beauties by bouncing the ball off the walls.  

I’ve met a lot of people at University, and I’ve made some great friends, but the friends that I’ll always come back to are the ones that have been there from the beginning. 

We played 1 v 1 football for about 2 hours, by the end of it I was knackered, but we kept having rematches. Neither of us wanted to stop. I’d still be out there now if I didn’t have to bring Alice home. It was so much fun. I could’ve honestly done it all day. 

I had no work, no Uni, no commitments, the only thing I had to do was to score more goals than Aaron. 

And I did, some of the time. 

Until tomorrow, he won most of the time. 



3 thoughts on “Youth

  1. iwillnotliveinvain says:

    Wow, still with the same person you were with at 14 (after 7 years??) That’s amazing… It’s unusual for young loves/first boyrfriend/girlfriends to stay together that long. …Personally I am just soooo glad not to be with my boyfriend from when I was 14!! *Shudder*

      1. iwillnotliveinvain says:

        …as you do as a youth 🙂 that’s still pretty neat that you still end up together. Makes me wonder now that you’re 21 and (assuming) more mature if it will be a relationship that truely lasts the long run…

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