June 22nd 2015

Today I’ve been told I have to use that picture for this post. When I got back from work my girlfriend had made me a candle-lit dinner, and she said I had had to take a picture of it and use it for today’s post. 

One of my friends got engaged today, or at least, I found out about the engagement today (congrats). It’s weird, I’m now at the age where that kinda stuff happens all the time. People are getting married, having kids, getting engaged. In some order. (Usually kids first) I guess I’m growing up. I’m old now. 

Because I’ve been at Uni for three years I’ve still felt somewhat like a school kid. I was still in full time education, still had a structure to my life, a plan. Every day I had a timetable of at what time I had lectures, and where I needed to be. Nothing had changed since school apart from the Maths getting a bit harder. Since I left University I’ve realised that I’m now, as much as I’d love to deny it, an adult. 

I’m in that next phase of my life, I’ve finished education. I’m done with it. Now I have to start being an adult, whatever that means. At some point I hope there will be marriage, kids, etc. But right now I’m just trying to figure out what’s next. I’m putting off making that decision by going travelling for three months, but when I get back there are decisions to make. 

I have friends in my home town who have worked full time since they left college, who have their own houses, kids, a wedding coming up. Those who didn’t go to Uni seem far further ahead in life than I do, I’ve just finished with debt and a degree, now what? 

I have to decide what I want, how much I want it, and how hard I’m goin to work for it. 

Until tomorrow, I know what I want. 



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