June 21st 2015

Today was officially the longest day of the year. And not even because of the summer solstice, sunrise/sunset crap. Today was long because I had to do a 9 hour shift with a stinking hangover. It was not fun. It was long. 

The thing about my job is that you kind of get paid in correlation to the amount of effort you put in. If you’ve got the energy to really milk your customers then you get higher reward (more tips), today it was difficult.

Usually I’m 100% effort, because I want 100% reward. But today I just wanted to get through the shift, so I dropped the effort a bit, so the reward dropped a bit. Which sounds bad, but I was hungover. 

Everyone still got perfect service, I did everything I needed to do, I just did nothing extra.

The solstice pretty much signifies that the year is halfway done. From now on the days get shorter and the nights get longer. Summer is basically over. (Ish) 

Until tomorrow, winter is coming. 



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