June 16th 2015

Today was my first full day at home in my new life of post-studenthood. I am celebrating post-studenthood by doing everything I’ve missed out on in the last few months.

I played golf with my Grandad, I played tennis with one of my best friends, I watched three episodes of a TV series, I played the Xbox, I read a book. I’ve got a stack of books that I want to finish before I leave for travelling, and right now I’m reading To Kill A Mockingbird. To be honest, I can’t get in to it, which is unlike me. I think it’s because it’s all, well, old, and ye olde, if that makes sense. Everything I consume has to be modern, I won’t watch the Godfather because it wasn’t made in the 21st Century. If I watch a film it has to be post 2000 at a stretch, if I read a book I like it to be current, and modern, but the stack of books I have to read are all old ‘classics’.

I’m reading those because I want to educate myself slightly more on true literature. The TV Show I’m watching at the moment is One Tree Hill, and the guy in that is the type of guy that recites quotes from old literature to make his point. Although that sounds pretentious as fuck, I kind of wanna be like that. I want to be able to quote Walt Whitman, and Harper Lee, and James Joyce, as well as have my knowledge of the millennial era. And I want this knowledge not just so I can quote a passage from Ulysses because I think it’ll make me sound smarter, but I also want it to help with my own writing.

I want to read smart to make myself write smart. Hopefully my own writing will improve by reading these complexly, intricately written artworks, and it might inspire something within my own work. Hopefully.

Until tomorrow, kill all the bluejays you want.



One thought on “Mock

  1. Sara J. says:

    I’ve been told my writing style is akin to James Joyce’s, but in truth I’m related to Lafcadio Hearn (Koizumi Yakumo). His writing style was also very much like James Joyce’s… so maybe you can add him to your list of authors.

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