June 13th 2015

Today is officially my last day of being a student. My University student card expires tomorrow. Tomorrow I can no longer get a free hamburger with any medium meal at McDonalds, and to be honest with you, I’m just not ready for that type of change. 

Today is also my last day of being a student because tomorrow I’m driving home from Uni for summer. Although this time when I drive home, I won’t be driving back. The last two times I’ve packed all of my belongings into my car and driven the 90 miles across the M4 Eastbound I knew I was going to be coming back three and a half months later. 

This time will be my first time driving that route with no plans to return. I can imagine myself coming to live in Cardiff after I get back from travelling, but I won’t be a student then. 

Tomorrow I will no longer be at a festival, so my phone won’t be wet and my hands won’t be numb, so I expect to be able to write a proper update/post. I expect it to be called ‘sheep’ and be about 1500 words. So look forward to that.

What’s the word for what you are after you’re a student?

Until tomorrow, I’m not ready to call myself an adult. 



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