June 11th 2015

Today I played golf in the dark whilst wearing sunglasses. 


We planned to tee off about 11am, but because we are a group of hungover University students trying to organise something, we didn’t tee off until 4pm. And because we are a group of hungover University students it took a ridiculous amount of time to get around the course. We finished we were walking to the 18th green at 9:30pm, and it was dark. It was very dark. 

And I was wearing prescription sunglasses, my eyesight is awful so I need glasses. If I took the sunglasses off I wouldn’t’ve been able to see. If I kept the sunglasses on i wouldn’t’ve been able to see. 

So I was in somewhat of a predicament. 

I hate the fact that I need to wear glasses. It makes unnecessary stress. I have to remember to take my glasses everywhere, I can’t drive without glasses. The other day I had to wear my prescription sunglasses into the cinema because I’d forgotten my actual glasses. 

What’s annoying is that this is with me forever. My eyes will always be shit. There’s nothing I can do other than just keep wearing my glasses, and keep forgetting my glasses. And before you suggest laser eye surgery, or contacts, don’t think I’ve not thought of that. But it’s not a possibility, there’s some technical problem that means the prism of correction that’s in my glasses can’t be fit into a contact. Or something. 

Anyway, that’s not interesting. 

Until tomorrow, I can’t see in the dark. 



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