June 9th 2015

Today I booked the first stop of my european tour. That makes me sound like a rockstar, which I am definitely not. Anyway, my Summer is to be spent on a train around Europe with my girlfriend. “Interrailing” is the word for it, when one travels Europe via train. (If I’ve yet to make it clear: this summer I am travelling Europe by train)

And until today it didn’t ever really feel like it was going to happen. It’s something we’ve said we wanted to do for a while now, but we’d not booked/thought/planned anything. Today we did. Today we booked the Eurostar to Paris and three nights in our first hostel. So now it feels like it is happening. Now it feels real. Now I can be excited.

We’re miles away from being even almost sorta kinda close to ready to go, we have to plan and plan and plan and I could copy and paste “and plan” for the next four paragraphs and there wouldn’t be enough ‘plans’ to fully describe how much planning it is going to take. But we can cross off one major planpoint. We have a date.

August 14th. On August 14th we start travelling.

And now everything feels real. The good news is that this travelling does a great job of distracting from the real ‘next big thing’ in my life, which is, you know, getting a job. Or trying to do something with the words I put on paper sometimes. But travelling means I get to ignore all that and not think of it until it’s no longer this year any more. Three months we’re going for, and three months from August 14th is basically Christmas, so I’ll round that up to the New Year and then I can start thinking/panicking/worrying/screaming/crying/kickingdowndoors as my new life (whatever that may be) embraces me with a bear hug and a strangle hold.

Wait, I got distracted somewhere in there.

Oh yeah.

To have a date set makes it official. We’re going. During and before exams I couldn’t see anything on the summery side of the calendar, because up until the first of June the only thing I could see was stacks of notes and library desks. But because that’s all done (thank God, whoever he may be) my girlfriend and I finally found time to sit down and book it. We booked Paris.


But that’s like one city out of the thirty-nine we have on our list (this number will probably definitely be cut to sub 30). The start of one country out of the fourteen (Sub 10, probably) we have on our list. There’s still a hecka load more to do.

And it’s not just sitting down with a world map and a Sharpie permanent marker. Before August 14th I have to earn about £3,000 to fund it all. I have a ‘job’ ready to return to this summer that pays £10 an hour. So I need to work 300 hours in two months whilst not spending a single penny. So I need to (excuse me whilst I whip out a calculator) average 37.5 hour weeks at work whilst maintaining a consistent £10 an hour wage (I’m a waiter, wages can fluctuate)

So there’s only about four hundred thousand and twelve obstacles in my way between now and August 14th.

Until tomorrow, I’m excited enough I might just bounce over them all.



8 thoughts on “Tour

  1. Michael says:

    I hope the map is not what you plan for just 3 months, and that on a budget. Some damn expensive places on it. The longer you spend in a city the cheaper it gets. 3 months is really long if you never spend more than two-three days in the same place.

      1. Michael says:

        Sorry, I didn’t get that it was just an illustration.

        Well, that depends a bit, first of all I would say don’t plan the whole trip in advance. If you like a place, stay longer, but move on if you are somewhere you dislike. I have a few suggestions written down here:

        £3,000 is also not too much for 3 months, that’s just £30 per day, so you might want to avoid expensive places (like Paris).

        1. fillingmyblanks says:

          Yeah I’m with you on the “if you like it, stay longer” mentality. But my girlfriend is the type that everything needs to be planned before she’ll consider going, so I’ve gotta go with her. Maybe once we’re out there she’ll ease up a bit.
          I should’ve said that I need to raise £3,000 on top of the savings I already have (c. £2,000) so I’ll have £5,000 in total.
          Does that seem a reasonable amount?

          1. Michael says:

            As a rule of thumb, it should be quite OK (assuming that’s 5000 total per person). But, again, that depends very much on where you’ll be going and what are you planning to do there.

            I’d say make a plan to get started, and keep the rest as “ideas”, nothing like setting your route in stone to get you over the budget and frustrated.

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