June 5th 2015

Today I spent the morning marathon watching card tricks on YouTube. And then I went out and did some Go-Karting for a bit and then I spent the evening marathon watching card tricks on YouTube.

I fucking hate magic.

I was watching, you may’ve heard of it, repeats/highlights from “Penn & Teller’s: Fool Us” where (If you’ve not seen it) magicians attempt to perform a trick that these really good/famous/magical magicians haven’t seen before, or at least perform a trick that they can’t figure out how it was done.

I shouldn’t’ve watched all of these tricks because, I think I mentioned it, I fucking hate magic.

I am two things, I fall into two categories. I am a mathematician, and I am a writer. And, for me, if something, some phenomena, some event cannot be described or explained numbers or by words then I have a hard time processing it. And that’s what I hate. The not knowing. And I know that that is literally the point of magic, that it is inexplicable and unexplainable. But I just wish it was explicable (I’m guessing that that’s a word) and explainable.

The point of the show is to Fool the lead magicians, Penn & Teller, and those are the popular ones because everyone, even the professionals are left mystified and it’s all very impressive yada yada yada. But the ones that I found the most interesting were the ones where they didn’t fool the magicians, the ones where it was pretty fricking obvious how the trick was done. Because then, at least, there was an explicable explanation that I could get my head around.

There was an answer, a solution to the problem, a set of words to explain and describe what happened.

But when there wasn’t an answer was when I started to lose it. I tore my fucking hair out trying to figure it out. I read every single post in the comment section from theorists trying to figure out what the secret to the trick was, most of the time the theories were useless/incorrect (probably) occasionally one made sense. And there were the occasional ‘there is no trick to it, it is just magic’ comments. But I don’t believe in magic. I don’t believe in anything that cannot be explained by words or by numbers so I do not believe in magic. As a scientist/intellect/statistician magic is an impossibility, an improbability, an absolute null event. It’s not real. There is a way that everything is done, I’m just not smart enough to figure it out.

There was this one trick that had been uploaded onto the channel that belonged to the actual magician that performed the trick, and this trick was one of the tricks that ‘Fooled Them’ So there was no immediate explanation. At the end of the video the channel directed you to a link in the description that said “For the secret to this trick, pay $1.99 at the following site”

And in my desperation for an answer, I clicked that link and it took me to a black page with white writing that read: “You didn’t think it was that easy, did you?”

Until tomorrow, magician’s are arseholes.



2 thoughts on “Magic

  1. Sara J. says:

    One of my favorite movies is “The Prestige”. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it. It will satisfy your craving for the scientific explanation and prove your point about magicians being arseholes.

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