June 3rd 2015

Today I’m contradicting myself. Remember the last few days where I’ve been saying how I’m not a student any more now that I’ve finished my exams? 

Well that’s bollocks, because I may not have any education to continue with but I still have the lifestyle, just not the lectures. Today I met my friends after their last exam with a 4-pack of Strongbow dark fruits and we sat in a park and dipped. And then we went for a meal. And then we went to play Mini Golf. And then we went to the pub for more Strongbow, and more food. And now we’re getting ready for a night out. 

And it’s a Wednesday. That kind of Wednesday only happens if you’re a student. That comes with the lifestyle. It’s a Wednesday in June, the sun is out  and I’m half-cut. Pretty soon that’s going to be an unthinkable scenario, and by pretty soon I mean in a year or so, but that’s relatively soon in the timeline of life. 

The thing I’ll miss most about University is either the lifestyle or the freedom. I’ve, quite obviously and apparently, not enjoyed the last two months of exams and libraries and revision, but apart from that it’s an absolute doss. It’s just three years of pissing around with your mates and getting on the beers. With a break for serious work at the start, middle and end of each year. 

I know I’ll only really appreciate it when I leave for good. That much is pretty clear to me. I’ve complained about these exams to no end, but this is probably the easiest my life is going to get. 

I’m 21 years old and I’ve been drinking since 11 o’clock this morning. And I’ve played a round of golf today. 

Until tomorrow, life won’t get much easier than this for a while. 



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