May 31st 2015

Today I left the library and I am never, ever going back. 

Because I’m done. I am completely done, I never have to revise for another exam in my entire life. Three years of work, exams, and studying has asymptotically approached this point of intersection, and tomorrow I make a jump-continuity from the left, as a Student, to the right, as a Graduate. (Sorry for that, but after three years of Maths I figured I should probably use some of it in this post) 

Tomorrow is my last exam. The last of 29 exams I’ve sat at University. 

I’ve been giddy all day. My coursemates have struggled to put up with me because their last exam isn’t until Wednesday but I’m all done tomorrow. So pretty much at every opportunity today I’ve reminded them that I finish University tomorrow. 

“I’m never going to walk to the library in the morning ever again.” 

“I’m never going to walk to the library in the afternoon ever again.”

“I’m never going to walk up these stairs ever again.”

“I’m never going to walk down these stairs ever again.”

“I’m never going to walk home from the library ever again.” 

I’ve been insufferable today, I know. But I don’t care. Because I am absolutely fricking ecstatic. Because I finally got here. The past two months I have worked my fucking arse off and tomorrow it’s over. Tomorrow I have nothing left to worry about other than which countries I want to visit most this summer. 

I walked to the library alone this morning, about half 8, and I basically skipped the entire way there. Because I knew it would be the last time I did that journey. (At that time of day, at least) 

I finish Uni tomorrow. I’m no long a student tomorrow. I am a graduate tomorrow. Although technically I don’t graduate until Mid-July but I am graudate tomorrow, okay?

Never again. 

As of tomorrow, that sinking feeling that keeps me up at night before an exam? Never again. 

The struggle to finish a bowl of Bran Flakes before an exam? Never again.

I will never again have to sit, revise or study for an exam in my entire life. (Well, I do have an exam tomorrow, but that’s kind of just a speed bump at this point) It’s a fact that some jobs may require applicants to sit through tests and exams, yes. But I’m never going to want a job like that. I don’t know what job I want, not properly. But the great thing about finishing University is that I, almost literally, have all the time in the world to figure it out. 

Until tomorrow, never again will I write a blog post as a student. 



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