May 18th 2015

Today is the day before my second exam. My second of four exams. Tomorrow I will be half way through this exam period, and half way to finishing University for good. 

Incidentally, half is what I’m aiming for tomorrow. It’s all I need, 50%.

Of every 25 mark question (of which there are four) I need to get about 12 marks. Which sounds doable, right? Hopefully it will be. For this exam I’ve done something that I don’t often do, I’ve spent the past three hours learning three proofs of theorems parrot fashion. 

Those proofs are worth 12 marks each, alone, and two of them are guaranteed to come up. (I think) So I’m not confident, per se, but I’m about half way there. 

The best thing about exam day is that that I don’t have to revise after it. My exam is at 9am, and I’m finished by 12. Then I get the other half of the day to relax and be free to do whatever I want. (SPOILER: that will probably involve a hell of a lot of being in bed) 

The exam is just a slight bump in my otherwise stress free day of R&R. 

I’m not going to say too much more tonight because I want to go to sleep for obvious reasons, but tomorrow I want to write a 1000 word blog post. I’ve got the time for it tomorrow. But not today. 

Until tomorrow, wish me luck. 



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