May 14th 2015

Today I worked alone in my room again. My next exam is for the module that I do alone, without my flat mates. So I’m back to working by myself. With very little help. And the lecturer has uploaded crap notes and no answers to the problem sheets.

So that’s good!

The worst thing is that I’m sat there answering questions and I have literally no idea if my answer is right or not. Because I have no answer sheet to check, and no one to ask either. The lecturer refused to upload answers because, well, I don’t even know why. I guess that would be too helpful. The problem is that doing, and redoing, and redoing exercise sheets is how I learn, it’s how I revise. And without answers to exercise sheets then I could very well be answering the same question wrongly over and over again.

He’s given us answers to the mock exam in the form of ‘written notes’ which basically means he’s said “Here’s the method you should be using to answer this question…” And then doesn’t tell/show us how to actually answer the question. He said that every thing we’ll need he will have covered in class, and hence we should have in our own written notes, but the problem is that because I do this class by myself, any notes from lectures I missed are pretty much gone forever, so I have to figure it all out by myself.

The good news is that this is the type of module at which I am usually quite good. It’s answering, and solving equations, and I can do that. I just wish I had someone to tell me if my answer is correct, or not.

Until tomorrow, am I correct?



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