May 9th 2015

Today in my, (one… Two… Three…) third library session of the day, my laptop wouldn’t connect to the Wifi. 

And I very much needed my laptop to connect to the Wifi. But for about half an hour, it wouldn’t. And I was stuck. Because everything I needed to revise was online. 

And it got me thinking about how ‘connected’ I am. 

I was suddenly unable to revise without my laptop, so I had to load the webpages on my phone instead. Except my phone wouldn’t connect to the wifi either. 

Fortunately, my phone contracts monthly reset was 2 days ago, else I wouldn’t’ve had any network data with which to load the Internet pages I needed. 

But say my contract hadn’t reset, and I didn’t have any 3G either. And I couldn’t use my friends laptops because they were using them. 

Then I’m completely stranded.

I’d have to walk all the way back home, lose 20 minutes of revision on top of the 30 I’d already lost from being unable to connect to the Wifi. 

And then if I got home, and my laptop died. And my tablet wasn’t charged and we hadn’t paid our electricty bill so I couldn’t charge either so I’d have to walk over to use the computers in the maths building. 

I’d get there and remember that that building isn’t open on Saturdays, because I’d forgotten that it was a Saturday because all days just blend in to one at the moment. 

And then where am I?

I’ve lost an evenings revision because I’m too connected. Too plugged in. 

I think, perhaps, unplugging and disconnecting would be a good thing for me to do at some stage. I’d be less distracted. Less reliant on my phone or my laptop or my tablet or my or my or my or my….

I can’t afford to disconnect yet. Right now everything I need is in a monitor with regions 1024:768. 

Until tomorrow, unplug, disconnect, look up.



6 thoughts on “Connect

  1. Sara J. says:

    We are entirely too reliant on technology. Recently when our work network failed, my boss told me to “brainstorm”. What’s that? You mean actually exchange ideas with colleagues…in person?

      1. primusgamereviews says:

        Believe me, you can find a way. Here’s a scenario its late. My internet is down. My friends are asleep. I need to look up some reference material. There’s still no internet… I give it a guess and go to sleep. Safe to say I didn’t do well…

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