May 8th 2015

Today, I have to recant a statement I made in a previous post. I said that I had my last ever University lecture on the Friday just gone. And, well, that turned out to be bollocks. 

Because I had another lecture today, so everything I said in that last one about it being the end of an era, and it being the poetic end to my University life (I didn’t say that) was, well, bollocks. 

Today was technically a revision lecture, so I was kind of half right with Friday being my last proper lecture. 

After class today I went and spoke to the lecturer and asked him, basically, what I need to do to pass, and what happens if I fail. I was suddenly very worried about failing, because I really do not want to graduate Uni with a 3rd class honours. A 2:2 is already not ideal, and that’s all that I can get now. 

He effectively said that as long as I work my arse off for the next four weeks, I’ll be fine. And if I fail, I still get a degree, my average will just be lowered. So I need to make sure I do better in the other modules. 

I’m not massively worried about failing, I think I’ll be fine, but sitting there, again, in that lecture hall I suddenly thought:

“I really don’t want to have to come back here for another year.”

Turns out, that’s not even a possibility, so that’s alright. 

I’m now in the proper revision stage. I’ve passed through the bit I hate where I’m just going through/over the notes and learning/reading things. Now I’m having/trying to remember them, as well as solving practice examples.

I’m in the weekend slog before my first exam on Tuesday. I need 3 full and proper days of revision and I’ll be fine, and then the exam after that is the one about which I am most worried. 

Until tomorrow, I’m sorry that all I write about is revision, at the moment. 



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