May 3rd 2015

Today I spent most of the day in bed. Recently I’ve been living by my timetable, committed to a schedule. I planned a few weeks back the order in which I was going to revise for my exams, and how many days per module I’d need, and what parts of the module I would do on those days. And yesterday I finished the module that I was supposed to finish today. So that effectively gave me a ‘free’ day.

Now of course I could’ve just started on the next module today, but then I’d finish that a day early, etc. So what I did was I took a day off. Because I was burnt out. I was really tired, struggling to concentrate, and getting annoyed with the subjects and with myself. So I took a tactical day off. A kind of refresher day.

And it was needed. I had a few naps, watched a film, caught up on some TV, played some video games. I just did everything I’ve been missing out on throughout the week. I felt I deserved a day off. So now, from tomorrow. The burn out will be over, and I’ll be fresh again. That starts with an early night. Recently I’ve been falling asleep close on the 4 side of 3 am. That’s because I finish revision at like 11pm, so I want to have a few hours to myself before bed. Be that spent sitting with my flat mates playing TopSpin Tennis, or led in my bed flicking through Twitter. I feel like I need to make at least a few hours of the day my own. But by sleeping at 3, I don’t wake up until 10:30 ish. And I don’t start revision until 11:30/12, and then that’s close to lunch time.

So instead, if I go to sleep after I’ve posted this (which should be 12:30 UK time) then I’ll wake up for 8 and be working by 9. I hope, at least.

The problem is that I can’t ever sleep unless I’m tired. If I tried to go to sleep at 11 o’clock I wouldn’t be able to. I’d have to lay there flicking through all the apps on my phone until I’d exhausted every timeline and seen every photo and read every story and then I was tired enough to sleep, And I’ve had 2 naps today, so I really don’t know if I’ll be tired enough.

We’ll see though.

Until tomorrow, one sheep two sheep three sheep four.



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