April 29th 2015

Today I am walking, in a full suit and tie to my end of year ball. 

This is scary because I’m not usually confident enough to leave the house wearing anything other than a black t shirt and jeans. 

So I felt out of place, and like people are going to stare. But maybe they will. And maybe that’s a good thing. Because I think I look alright actually. I’ve just gotta stick my chest out and stand up tall so that my ego fills the suit as well as my body does. 


In the club now. Someone just said that they liked my suit. And that they don’t see grey too much any more. My brain is telling me that I’ve just been complimented, but my concious is wondering about the subtext behind what he said. Why don’t they see grey suits? Are grey suits not nice? 

Until tomorrow, reckon I could get used to this. 



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