April 24th 2015

Today was a 10-12 revision day. (14 hours, not 2) I started it in the library for the morning session but stayed in my room for the afternoon and evening sessions.

Because I’m currently at the point in my revision where I’m just reading and copying notes, and not learning/answering questions I don’t really need to go to the library. 

The only reason to go to the library, for me, is so that I can study with my flatmates. And sometimes I need to study with them because they’re cleverer than I am, and they can help with things I don’t understand. 

Everyone has different methods of revising, I personally like to read and copy the notes, condense them into my own notes and then do that again until it’s in a form where I can flick through and find the stuff I need. 

My flat mate, on the other hand, does it a whole other way. What he’ll do is he’ll spend 10 minutes looking at a page, reading it, memorising it, remembering the layout and design of the page, seeing where the theorem is on the page, and that helps him picture what he needs to remember. 

And then he’ll move on to the next page, and do the same. 

And when he sits the exam he’ll have a copy of the notes ingrained into his memory, and he can wet his thumb and flick through the pages until he finds the information he needs, then copy it down word for word .

Obviously he gets the best grades in the year. 

So that’s his method. Others like to power through example sheets and past papers (I often do that too), some make flash cards to help with memory. Some research extra stuff online to further their knowledge of the subject. 

Obviously I wish I had his memory, it’d make things a helluva lot easier, but there’s nothing I can do about that. 

Until tomorrow, I’m just doing whatever I can. 



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