April 18th 2015

Today was a good day. The team that I support in the sport that I follow got into the final of the cup. But I’m not going to talk about that, because literally no one wants to read about it.

Instead I’m going to talk about other forms of finality.

Tomorrow I head back to Cardiff for the, hopefully, my final stint at University. I’ll go to my final lectures, sit my final exams, receive a final degree, hopefully a good degree.

Today was my final day of dossing around, and I enjoyed today, because I’m travelling back tomorrow, and from Monday, it won’t be much fun any more. ‘It’ being, you know, life in general. I’m not really scared of the finality of these next two months, if anything I embrace it because I’m very close to not having to do Maths again, and not having to sit exams, but I’m also close to, you know, not being able to doss around the house as I have not only today, but for pretty much the past 3 years of Uni.

I’ve yet to pack my things ready to go back to Uni, I probably should, but I’m going to try and leave all possible distractions at home. I won’t take my xbox back, because if I do, I will play it. I’ve had to stop myself from starting any new television series’ because if I do, I’ll want to marathon all 12 series of 20 episodes and I’ll never get any revision done.

On Monday I need to make a revision plan, I’ll do that through use my the diary I bought, and was using, a few months ago.  I’ve stopped planning my weeks over the Easter holidays because I’ve had literally no commitments.

That changes now.

Until tomorrow, bring on the finality.



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