April 17th 2015

Today I did some Maths. For the first time in a while. I was reminded that before I go back to University after the Easter holidays (on Monday) I have a piece of coursework that needs to be done, and handed in. (on Monday)

So for the first time in, like, a month, I did some Maths. It wasn’t enjoyable, obviously, but it was good to be productive again because that’s something I’ve not been recently. I’m kind of just floating through life waiting for University to finish so I can get on with my life. But I’ve temporarily forgotten about the small obstacle of getting through University.

In the very first post of this year, on the very first day of this year I said that I was going to finish University with a 2:1 degree. Now, because that is no longer possible, I can say that I’ve failed one of my resolutions. And by the fact that I’ve been been for three runs this year, I can say I’ve failed that one too. And I don’t yet speak any foreign languages.

That’s classic me, I start off with good intentions and then fail to produce.

But the one resolution I have kept up with is the one where I made an ode that I would blog every single day, and I’ve so far done that. 4 and a half months on. So that’s something, I guess.

I have two months left of University. One month of revision, and then one month of exams. That’s it. For the next 8 weeks all I have to do is pass four exams. And then I can do what I want. So today, by doing this homework. I started off with good intentions. I could’ve just text my coursemates and asked for a copy of the answers, which they would’ve done. (and later did do) But I wanted to get an understanding of the answers myself, so instead I asked for advice on where in the notes would help me answer the questions. I started off with good intentions, but I needed a little push.

So instead of just copying the answers off a friend, I found similar examples in the notes, and worked through them, made sure I understood them, and then copied the answers off a friend.

I wanted to put the effort in, and I did, but I still want the full 3%.

Until tomorrow, it’s time to produce.



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