April 13th 2015 

Today I wrote for a bit, only 700 words, but that’s the first 700 words I’ve added to book 2 in a while. I wrote because I was feeling inspired, which loosely translates to ‘I was in a bad mood’

That’s when I seem to write most, and write best, is when I’m pissed off and just wanna get my head down and write. 

I stopped after 700 words probably because I was enjoying it, so my anger went away, so I wasn’t feeling inspired any more. 

It was good to write. I like it. I like writing this one more than the last one because I’m not just making it up as I go along, I have a set of notes, plans, ideas for this. I know where it’s going, I have the full plot I just need to write it. 

I wish I’d’ve written more, because I do like this book a hell of a lot more than the last one, and I want to finish it because I think it’s one that I can actually be proud of, not like that last one. 

Unfortunately I can’t get into any sort of rhythm with writing for a couple months because I go back to Uni at some point this week, which means revision starts. 


Hopefully, after exams when I have nothing to do until I go travelling, I’ll have time to write properly. And I might even finish this one. 

If I can be bothered. 

Until tomorrow, I should write more. It’s fun. 



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