April 12th 2015

Today I am struggling to find a topic to write about. And I don’t even care that I’ve used incorrect grammar in that sentence. 

If you pay attention to my posts/page/ramblings you’ll know that on days where I struggle to find something about which I can write (better?) I open my diary, find the “on this day…” fact for this day and take a word from that fact and write about it. 

Today is difficult because my On This Day today just says “Euro Disney Opens 1992”

What good is that to me? 

That doesn’t really help me. I’m hungover, I can’t think for myself, I need direction but instead I’m given “Euro Disney Opens 1992” 

I can’t write 500 words on the word “Disney” and I want to save “Euro” for later. (I can only use a word as a title once, there’s a lot of words, I don’t see myself running out. But Euro might come in handy)

So it’s gonna have to be “Open” then because I can’t use a number as the title. So I’m gonna have to find some convoluted link to segue into talking about something I opened today. 

My brain isn’t working well enough for this. 

I opened my bag to unpack from my holiday today. (That almost works)

It’s crap to be back, honestly. But I had a good time. I have a week to kill before I go back to Uni, and because I’ve been screwed over with shifts at work, I have very little to do. So I’ll probably just sleep a lot. 

That’s what I’m gonna go do now. 

Until tomorrow, I can barely keep my eyes open. 



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