April 11th 2015

Today I’m back from Swanage, exhausted with no rest in sight. 

Tonight (as in I’m here right now) I’m going to a house party. I’ve been home for all of five minutes since I got back from Swanage, to drop my bags off. Then I headed straight to work to check my hours before coming here. 

I’ve been screwed over with hours. And by that I mean I have none. I have no shifts next week. Before I left for Swanage I spoke to my boss about when I would be available when I got back, and he seems to have just ignored that and assumed I’d gone back to Uni next week or something. 

So my entire plan for next week has changed, insofar as I no longer have a plan for next week. Or any money.  


I’m tempted to go back to Cardiff early and start revision a week earlier than I’d planned to. 

(This is a post-script. I am the fucking champion of beer-pong) 

Until tomorrow, we’ll see how I feel in the morning. 



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