April 4th 2015

Today I’m gonna use the “On this day in history…” trick I sometimes use for blog post inspiration. It’s kind of a round-a-bout way of getting there, so bear with me. 

A letter written by Abraham Lincoln is sold at auction for €3.4 million in New York 2008

So. Letter. 

I’ve been playing a lot of Scrabble against my Nan recently. It’s fun because, 1) Scrabble is fun, and 2) I get to learn about words that I’ve never heard of. When she plays a word I’ve not seen before (which is often, she’s better than me) I look it up for a definition (or she tells me) 

My Nan recently told me she could see me as a columnist. Which is something I’ve been thinking about. 

For my A Level English coursework I wrote an opinion piece as if I was a newspaper columnist, and I got the highest grade in the year. It’s something I’m good at, it seems. 

The problem is firstly I don’t have a clue how I’d get into that business. But writing a blog consistently seems like a good place to start. Second-fold I’m not sure how well I’d do under the restriction/guide of a magazine/newspaper. 

If I had complete freedom I’d do well, but when I did an internship at a local magazine last year and I had to write about what they told me to, within a word count they gave me, and a style guide they’d given me. 

I don’t like restrictions. That’s why I like this blog so much. Because I can write literally whatever I want, as much or as little, about anything. 

Maybe one day I’ll sell a letter to a New York Gallery for €3.4 million. 

Until tomorrow, I doubt it, but I’m not ruling it out. 



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