March 29th 2015 

Today I saw the sights. I toured London by foot and saw everything you’re supposed to see when you’re in London. The Big Ben Clock Tower. London Eye. Parliament. Buckingham Palace. Natural History Museum. Downing Street. Harrods. 

You know, the lot. 

All of these things I have seen/been to before, and it made me think about my travelling plans. 

I plan to tour Europe by train, over three months. And I don’t yet know how I want to do it. 

I could be a classic tourist and just go to the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Spanish Steps. 

Or I could be slightly more independent and discover the city/country/continent in my own way, by getting lost in it. 

I think part of the fun of travelling will be in getting lost. In ending up in the west side of the city when you were aiming for the South. 

In trying to get from one city to another but ending up in a different country. 

That’s where the fun will be, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to see all the things I’m supposed to see. I’d just like to see some other things too. 

Right now I can’t wait for travelling, over the next week or so I’m going to start planning it. Heavily. To make it seem real. 

Until tomorrow, I promise I won’t be the type of tourist who takes a photo of themself supporting the tower in Pisa. 



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