March 27th 2015

Today, as I do every Friday, I spent an hour and a half on the M4 motorway. 

I drove back home from Cardiff, but this time the drive was a bit different. 

1) My car was full because I’m now home for three weeks for the Easter holidays. 

2) it was dark

Usually I drive home about 6ish, but today I left Cardiff closer to 11. 

There’s this stretch of road between Bristol and Swindon that doesn’t have any street lights illuminating the road, and for that stretch the road, and the sky, in front of and behind me; everything is black. 

The only interruption from the darkness is an occasional car you pass, or one that passes you. 

Looking in my rear-view mirror at that point I can see nothing. Literally nothing. The only thing I can see infront of me is my own headlights shining off the cats-eyes on the road. 

Apart from that it’s black. 

And now I’m home, and I’m shattered. 

Until tomorrow, turn off the lights. 



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