March 25th 2015

Today I ate somewhere new. Every school day for the past three years I’ve walked past this little bakery/patisserie/cafe or whatever the hell it’s called. Well, actually, it’s called “Dough”

It’s literally right opposite my Uni building but I’ve never been in there for lunch, and right now I have no idea why. I don’t want to turn this into a food blog, so I will keep the description of the food short by saying it was bloody good.

But it got me thinking. What else have I missed out on during my time at Uni?

One thing immediately springs to mind; Societies. I never joined any sports club/society or anything like that, mainly because I wasn’t, and aren’t, good enough at any sports. As well as the fact that I don’t really like the premise of socials. If that’s a foreign term to you, it basically means every wednesday you go out with your society and when they tell you to drink, you drink, when they tell you to whip off your toga and blindfold yourself with it, you do so.

And I ain’t about that life.

I don’t like being told what to do, when to drink, how to act. So societies were never something I wanted to get involved in, and I’m fine with missing out on that. But is there anything else?

I haven’t written an essay since I’ve been at Uni. Does that count? I’ve never referenced anything. My course doesn’t really fit into an essay format, so I’ve never had to do one, but it seems everyone I know on other courses have to write essay after essay after essay.

Problem is, I’d be good at writing essays. Probably better than I am at doing Maths. I’m not upset that I’ve not had to write essays, because anything that means I have to do less work is always a good thing, but I think I’d’ve been good at them had I have had to write one.

One reason I’m thinking so heavily about my Uni experience is because it’s almost over. On Friday I break up for easter holidays, 3 weeks after that I return for 3 weeks of lectures followed by 3 weeks of exams and then my 3 years are up.

And I’m thinking if I’ve made the most of my Uni experience, and I don’t know. In second year I went out and did the drinking thing, a lot. But I got over it when started thinking about how little I was gaining from nights out. To me it wasn’t worth spending £30 to make myself feel like shit the next day. Now I think of £30 as an extra day in Europe this summer.

And I say this as my flatmates are currently out, on a social, as they were yesterday. And as I was yesterday I’m sat here writing this blog and marathoning House of Cards. And am I happy with that?

Of course I am, else I wouldn’t be doing it.

I think I’ve experienced most types of Uni life. First year was first year, nothing we did first year was assessed, it doesn’t matter now, so we pissed around on nights out, and pub nights and such. Second year I mixed working and playing a bit more as everything was suddenly harder. And now I’ve faded out of drink culture completely.

I think I’ve made the most of it.

Until tomorrow, I wish I’d’ve discovered Dough sooner, though.



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