March 23rd 2015

Today it’s my mums birthday, (HBD Mum) which means I finally get to write about something I’ve been waiting a week to post. 

You see, for my mums birthday my present to her was the very first printed and bound version of my first complete, and finished novel. 

Before I’d given her it in 133 sheets of printed A4 format, but this time it’s real. It looks like a book, and not a stack of paper. It has a front and back cover, it says my name on it, and the books title. You know what a book looks like, yeah? It looks like one of those. 

For a week now I’ve wanted to put into words how excited, proud and emotional I felt holding the first printed copy of my own book in my own hands, but I couldn’t, because my mum reads this blog and, you know, spoilers. 

Now although it is printed as a book that doesn’t mean I’ve been published, it’s not a professional, or final copy by any means, but it is the first edition. 

I went into the printers in the Students Union where they do dissertation and essay binding, and for £xx (spoilers) they were happy to bind something a bit longer than an essay for me. 

To complete the “looking like a book” part of it, Alice has designed me a front and back cover, which I will print on a sleeve with a blurb and a title and other novelly-things. 

I’m ecstatic, I really am. Last year I did work experience at a magazine, and things I wrote were printed into an actual publication. And that was unreal too.  But this is different. This is my own novel. 

It feels great, it really, really does. 

Of course the next step is to find someone that wants to print a whole load of them for me, and then you know, sell them for me too. 

Until tomorrow, anyone wanna buy a book? 



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