March 14th 2015 

Today is Pi day. 3/14/15. It is also the anniversary of the birth of Albert Einstein. That seems pretty relevant, and it was also the fact of the day in my diary. 

Albert Einstein born 1879

I’m with Alice today, and we were playing a game. A game where we ask eachother anything and everything about our past, our future, our hopes, our dreams, our regrets. It was fun. And in my answer for two questions, the birthday boy came up. 

I asked her who, living or dead, she would most like to meet. Her answer was Lord Carnarvon, the bloke that discovered Tutankhamun (she’s big on Egyptians) and when the question was turned on me. My answer was Einstein. 

And I said him because intelligence of that level fascinates me. It’s amazing to me how people who are that clever see the world differently to us average folk. It would be incredible to have a conversation with him and just learn about how he thinks. 

The other time he came up was in answer to the question “if you could have one quality you do not currently have, what would it be?” 

My answer was, again, about extreme intelligence. I’d want to be Einstein level of genius. It wouldn’t be arrogant of me to say that I am reasonably intelligent, I do a maths degree, I’m not dull, but I’m not making any groundbreaking discoveries or winning a Nobel Prize. 

I’d want to have the intelligence to save the world. To look at anything and understand it. To fix the energy crisis. To invent something. To figure something out. 

The way I look at the world is a bit odd. 

I don’t think we know everything yet. And I think it’s daft to assume that we do. There is an infinite universe of discoveries waiting to be explored, and to be fair we’re not doing badly, but there’s always more to learn. 

When Einstein was born, there was a whole different set of “Sciences” for lack of a better word. Theories have since been disproven or re-imagined. What we thought we once knew about atoms and black holes has been written and rewritten. 

What I assume is that in 200 years time, everything we know now will be outdated. All the smartest people of this generation will be replaced with smarter people in the next who will disprove everything that we have.

We’ll probably be living on Mars by then anyway. 

Until tomorrow, the Universe is very large, and I am very small. 



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