March 9th 2015

Today I am going to try something new. On days like today when I can’t think of an obvious title, and hence subject, and hence content for the blog post, I will hire in some help from a third party.

First let me take you back to the diary I bought to help organise myself. Remember that? Well, I have actually been using it. At the start of every week (usually that falls on a Monday) I plan out the week. I write pretty much where I will be and what I will be doing at every hour of every day except Sunday. The gap to write in for Sunday is tiny, so I’m assuming that’s some kind of sign from the manufacturer that Sunday should be a “Free” day. So I write only the word “Free” in the gap for every Sunday. Well, there’s one other word that goes in.

Atop each gap and next to each date I write the title of the days blog post. Sometimes I know the title before time of writing, but frequently it’s added afterwards.

And like I’ve said before, there are days where I can’t think of a title, a subject, content. So now I draw inspiration from the diary. Printed at the bottom of the ‘gap’ for every date there is one single fact. An “on this day” type fact.

Today’s fact is given thusly:

“First Ford Mustang produced 1964”

Now, I can choose to draw inspiration from any of those words.

I could write a post titled “First” where I could write about my first love, my first kiss, or it could be about when I realised I wasn’t going to get a First class degree, or about my future; my first kid, my first proper job; the first country I hope to visit.

I could write a post titled “Ford” where I write about my memories of the first car I was ever driven in, a matt black Ford Orion, and how the cars my family have had have changed depending on various factors. Or it could be about the fact that Harrison Ford crashed a plane into a golf course this week. Or it could be about a shallow place in a river or stream allowing one to walk or drive across.

I doubt I’d write a post titled “Mustang”, but I could.

Or I could write a post titled “Produce”, and I could write about how I fail to produce on every single promise I make to myself. How I fail to produce results when I say I am going to start doing something. On how the only thing I’m actually producing that’s worth a damn at the moment is this daily 500 word spiel.

Nothing relevant happened to me in 1964 so I’d probably avoided writing about a year that fell before my oldest parent was born. But you get my drift, I can write about anything just by drawing inspiration from that four word fact. That will be a tactic employed to cure the “stareatscreenuntiltitlecomestomind-itis” that I sometimes suffer from when the 24 hour clock has completed it’s modular cycle and is reset to 00.

(it’s very important to note that the last thing I did for this post was to add the title)

Until tomorrow, I still have no idea what to name this one.



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