March 6th 2015

Today I went to the pub for drinks with friends I’ve not seen in a while. We’re the type of friendship group that can survive no contact for six months and then not stop talking for six hours until the pubs last orders. 

I was only drinking water today though. For reasons that were threefold. 1) I was driving. Simple enough. It’s not even worth having one alcoholic drink. So because I wasn’t drinking alcohol I was drinking water because 2) I want to save money. Whether I’m drinking lemonade, or orange juice or water doesn’t really make much difference. So I may as well go with the free option and save money. Alice and I have started to plan for travelling, and I need to think about funds. I’m barely earning any money right now, so it makes sense to be saving what I’ve got. 

Also, 3) I’m on a cleanse. I want to eat healthier, drink better and exercise more. Keep clean, keep tidy. Et cetera. 

So tonight I went drink for drink with my buddies, 6 pints of water in the end. That’ll’ve cleared out my system a bit I hope. 

One of the friends I was with has aspiration of being a writer too, so it’s always nice to talk to him about how badly he’s doing progress wise. It makes mine seem less tragic. 

This one was more ‘updatey’ than usual. 

Until tomorrow, drink eight glasses of water a day.



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