March 4th 2015

Today, on three separate occasions, I forgot what I wanted today’s post to be about. I’d think of something at a really bad time, like when I was taking notes in class, or walking back from Uni in the rain. I thought of what I wanted the post to be about, but five minutes later I’d forgotten it again. Which in turn gave me a topic for the post to be about anyway. Memory.

I’ve forgotten whether I’ve said it before but one thing I hope to gain out of writing daily blog posts is an improvement to my memory. I hoped that thinking back over the events of the day when writing about it at night would make the memories stick a bit better. As I’ve pointed out, my memory is crap.

And even more than that, the great thing about writing the memories down in a blog post, is that even if I do forget them, in six weeks or six months or six years, they’ll still be here. Hopefully. Unless goes bust or something.

In six years time I can look back and know what I did and how I was feeling on March 4th 2015. Now I know that I don’t rattle off my daily routine every day when I post here, but from what I say, and how I say it, to me at least, you can see a clear indication of how I feel and what I’m thinking. I can’t just say every day “I went to Uni and I hated being at Uni and I came home and procrastinated and I hated myself for procrastinating”

That would get boring.

So instead, with these posts, I make topics out of these little thoughts I’d had during the day.

When I remember them, at least.

Until tomorrow, what day is it today?



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