March 2nd 2015

Today I have nothing to say.

I wrote the date at the top of this post twenty minutes ago and I still haven’t thought of a single thing to write. The way these posts work is I literally just need to choose one word to write about. At some point during the day I’ll think of the title of the nights post and I can write about 500 words around whatever that word is. Today I can’t think of that single word. I can’t think of anything.

I did buy a diary/planner/timetable today like I said I would, but I didn’t do anything with it.

It’s been a bad day to be honest. Nothing’s really gone well for me today. On the plus side, as I wrote that sentence I decided “Nothing” would be an adequate title to the post.

If you’re following along day-to-day you’ll’ve noticed that each post is summed up in one single word, and that’s the title. Nothing seems appropriate today. Literally and figuratively.

Bad day.

Until tomorrow, there’s nothing else to say.



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