March 1st 2015

Today it is March. And that means when I start a blog post I no longer have to force myself to remember that February has an ‘r’ that I really think it shouldn’t have.

Remember how I said that I like to start new things on specific dates? If not, here’s a reminder just so I can test out WordPress’s quote functionabilities. (not a word, apparently)

“The start of a new week is a good time to start a new regime/plan/leaf/me. Or maybe I should wait until the first of the month so I can do it for a solid month. Or maybe I should wait until January 1st. Maybe I should start any other day but today.”

Hmm, nice. Look at how centralised and Times New Roman that is.

Anyway yeah. I said that. And, as you’ll notice from the first 3 words of this blog post, (and the next four) it is March 1st. (and those four) In the above quote I reference starting something at the start of a month, and continuing throughout. Well, that’s what I’m going to do. Except it’s not really a “thing” I’m doing, it’s more of a “thing” I’m being. And that “thing” is to be just a generally more organised, well-prepared, productive, determined person. I hope. I will write when I can, I will manage my time wisely, I will try to go to the gym four times a week, and run on the days that I don’t.

To start this all off, tomorrow morning I will make a timetable of my week. Actually to start with I might go buy a timetable of sorts, or a day planner. Maybe I’ll need to think about that a bit more but I will at some point tomorrow end up buying a timetable/date planner/organiser. I contemplated creating an excel spreadsheet so I could get all fancy with it, but 1) a timetable can be ripped out and stuck to a wall, and 2) in a spreadsheet, for example, if I didn’t fancy going for a run I could just whoopsie accidentally delete the “go for a run you lazy shit” in cell G5.

This planner will, hopefully, come to take over my life. I know I need to get more productive/organised and I know that comes a lot easier to me once I force myself into a routine. As proven by the fact that since it is now March (we’ve established that by now, right?) I’ve uploaded a blog post every single day of two-thousand-and-fifteen.

Until tomorrow, there are only ten more months until two-thousand-and-sixteen.



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