February 24th 2015

Today it seems that the WordPress iOS app has had an update. 

The main body of text now comes with the tag line “Share your story here…” 

But what is my story? 

Is it a story about who I am? But who am I? What kind of person am I? Am I an intellect? Am I a mathematician? Am I a wordsmith am I a labourer? Am I a lover am I a fighter am I a thinker am I a talker, a debater, a creator. Am I strong or weak in body and mind. 

Is it a story about what I’ve done or where I’ve been? Because really, what have I done? Have I saved a life? Have I changed a life? Have I lived have I loved have I been amazed have I spent my days doing everything I could do to make my story magnificent. 

Is it a story about where I’m going? Where am I going? Will I stay in this country or will I travel? Will I leave this city and not come back. Will I run after my dreams or crawl back from them with broken bones and a heart arrhythmia? 

Maybe it’s not a story about me. Maybe it’s the story I want to tell. About how you should fight and think and love and create. About how you should change a life. About how you should run into the sun until it blinds you. 

What kind of story do I want to tell? Do I want to tell one that will sell, or inspire, invoke thought or desire? Do I want to make you laugh whilst you cry or cry whilst you laugh, because there is a difference. Do I want to write about what I know, take risks or play safe? Do I want to write for me, or do I write for you? 

Where do I want to go and who do I want to be and what do I want to see and when will I get there and why am I going and how am I telling this story. 

Until tomorrow, do I want to know?



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