February 23rd 2015

Today, it is Monday. Very good. Very insightful. Yes.

And for some reason, if I start something, a new regime/plan/leaf/me it always has to be started on a Monday. I think that’s mainly because if for any reason I forget to start the thing on the Monday, I can say “oh, well I can’t start it on a Tuesday I’ll have to wait until Monday again” and then I get 6 free days of being a lazy, worthless waste of space.

But also because it’s the start of a new – something. The start of a new week is a good time to start a new regime/plan/leaf/me. Or maybe I should wait until the first of the month so I can do it for a solid month. Or maybe I should wait until January 1st. Maybe I should start any other day but today.

Today I started writing again. Because today is Monday, and although I was supposed to start last Monday, I forgot to do it then. And I couldn’t start on a Tuesday so I’ve spent the last 6 days being a lazy, worthless waste of space.

But today I wrote. I wrote about 1200 words onto the 9000 words of novel I already have from before.

I’ve done exactly what I told myself I wouldn’t do and I just started on an existing novel with no planning, fore-thought or structure. Because really, all I want to do is write. So I did that today.

I wanted to write for ~6 hours but I ended up doing about 1, I wanted to read for a few hours, but that didn’t happen either. I literally do not know what I did in the time when I was supposed to be writing, but it wasn’t anything worth a damn, else I’d be able to remember it.

I planned this week to be a big week for writing, because I thought I didn’t have any coursework to hand in.

I was wrong.

I have coursework to hand in. Coursework for a module that I am doing alone. Coursework for which I will have no help. Coursework I’m probably not going to do well in.

((((Happy Birthday Jake))))

Until tomorrow, tell me why you don’t like Mondays.



6 thoughts on “Monday

          1. elle6677 says:

            That is really good way to look at it. Thank you! Sometimes I forget I’m lucky to be so busy. No need to be envious. You are young, I’m sure. It will come. Make the most of having time, But use wisely. It’s precious 😝

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