February 22nd 2015

Today I spent six hours doing a piece of coursework that was worth 2% of one of the modules I’m studying at Uni.

2% of one module is 2% of 1/12th (12 modules) of this year. Which is 70% of my total degree. Doing some maths makes that piece of coursework (2/100)*(1/12)*(70/100) = 140/120000 = 0.0011666666666666666666(six)%

That six hours was worth 0.001166666666666666(six)% of a degree.

Doing some more Maths (I’ve already had enough Maths for today why am I making myself do more) tells me that if every 0.0016% of a degree takes 6 hours, then the whole 100% of my degree will take 514,000 hours. Or about 59 years of straight work.

I am more than 0.001166% sure that I must’ve done something wrong in working that out, because that’s a long time, but to be fair, six hours for 2% is a lot.

I’ve had enough of Maths. I’m going to bed.

Until tomorrow, what is six hours worth?



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