February 16th 2015

Today, it is starting. And by that I mean, I am finishing. Instead of starting a book from scratch, I’m going to finish one I started last year.

I wrote about 5,000 words of a novel, and then stopped. Can’t remember why. Today I re-read that, and read the plan I made for where I was going with it. And I think finishing it off makes a lot more sense than starting a new one.

This one is darker than my last one, different. But I’m excited for it. It’s an idea that I’m happy with, and the plot will hopefully play out well.

Second novels are always supposed to be better than the first, right?

To begin with, I’m going to plan. And plan more. Plan what’s going into the book, plan how much I’m going to write each day, plan word counts. I need to try and stay on a schedule, set myself a target of x words per day and try to aim higher than that on good days.

I’ll have to cut out procrastination, yet still try to include time for the gym, and for running. Both of those things have slowed down recently, and I really don’t want them to.

I have a lot to do. A lot to plan. A lot of plans.

Until tomorrow, I will finish what I started.



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