February 13th 2015

Today is the day before Valentine’s Day. Meaning I’m in a hotel in Cheltenham with my girlfriend. I mentioned a few weeks back how I’d booked this weekend away for the two of us, and here we are. She’s by my side now, probably reading over my shoulder as I write this.

I’m ecstatically happy. I’m in Wonderland with Alice. This sounds childish, but it feels so grown up to be here in a posh hotel with bathrobes and room service and the ability to say “Just charge it to the room”

We’ve been away before, and I’ve always felt young when we go away, I still do in a way, because we are a lot younger than everyone else here, but this time I’m 21, I am grown up now. I am a grown up, so to speak.

And it gives me a glimpse into what our future will be like together. Going to sleep with her in my arms, and waking up 9 hours later at other ends of the bed because I’m a massive fidget when I sleep and she has to get away from me.

It makes me look forward to the summer, when we’re travelling Europe together. I’m getting excited about walking round Cheltenham, a place I’ve never been, with her. I’m gonna be giddy when we’re discovering Paris and Rome and Amsterdam.

I can’t wait for this weekend, and I can’t wait for this summer, and I can’t wait for the rest of our lives.

Until tomorrow, how long is forever?



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