February 10th 2015

Today I am idea-less. Usually at some point during the day I’ll have an epiphany (really it’s not as grandiose as that but I just wanted an excuse to use that word) and the topic/title of the blog post for that day will come to me, and I’ll be prepared going into writing it. I’ll know roughly what I’m going to say.

This one I’m making up as I go along.

It’s unlike me to have a plan for writing, even at GCSE I would never plan essays before writing them. I never sat down and planned out my first book either. I just sat down and wrote it. Like I am now. Making it up as I go along.

I want to start planning more in real life too. I need a schedule to be able to function, to have the motivation to do things. I have a deadline for blog posts, which is before I go to sleep. So that makes it easy to write one every day because I know I have to.

But with the other things I’m trying to bring into my life. Like running, going to the gym, reading, right now I’m kind of just doing them when I feel like it. But if I have a piece of paper that tells me “right James. 11 o’clock. Go to the gym. Come back. Lunch. Repeat.” Then I’m more likely to do it.

I feel as if I’ve spoken about this before, but my memory isn’t good enough to find out.

I’d hoped writing a daily update would improve my memory, because it means thinking back about the day, rather than just letting it slip by.

Plus I seem to remember things better when they’re written down. Easier to visualise or something.

Until tomorrow, threes company, fours a ramble.



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