February 8th 2015

Today, I got back to Cardiff after spending a weekend at home. On Friday, when I left Cardiff, I spent a solid 15 minutes walking around the streets near my house trying to figure out where I’d left my car. Parking permits are expensive, so I can never park outside my house, instead I have to park it on the streets wherever I can find a free, non-parking-bay non-permit-holders-only space.

Problem is, is that there a lot of possible places I can park my car. I just couldn’t remember where I’d left it the last time I’d used it. For the life of me, I just couldn’t. The last time I used it was coming back from my girlfriends on Thursday morning, and from there, I couldn’t remember where it was.

Eventually, because there are only a finite number of streets where it could be, I found it. I found it by walking up and down every street until I walked past it.

So today, to avoid this happening again, (because it’s happened before) when I got home I wrote myself a note. On a post-it note I wrote the word “Crossroads” and stuck it to the mirror on the back of my door. Then, next time I need to use my car, I can look at that note on the mirror on the back of my door and see “Oh right, I left it at the crossroad junction at the top of the street.” It’s genius, really.

It’s ironic though, that the crossroads is where I left my car today. Because that is where I am left after receiving my exam results on Friday. (reminder: the results were crap) The results I got left it (realistically) impossible for me to get the 2:1 (60%) grade that I wanted. Before I got the results, I was prepared to work my ass off in this final semester to push for that 2:1 because I knew if I got the % I was expecting (~55) I’d have to work even harder for the summer exams. Because I got 45%, I can’t get that 2:1.

So now, technically, I don’t really need to work. The next grade down is a 2:2 (50%) and to get that all I need to do is carry on at the same level I’m currently at. I can effectively take it easy.

Or I could do the unthinkable and pull a 75% average out of my ass in the 4 summer exams I have. But I can’t do that. Well, I can, and by that I mean it is possible to get a 75% average. It’s possible to get a 100% average, but that doesn’t mean I’ll get it. I honestly, hand on heart don’t think I can get a 75% average. But does that mean I shouldn’t try?


Until tomorrow, left, right, or straight ahead?



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