February 5th 2015

Today I forgot to blog. Well, almost, considering I am writing this now and it is still today (in the time zone of the pre-sleep blog) But I’d got ready for bed, got into bed, turned everything off etc. Then whispered “fuck” as something, somewhere inside my head reminded me that I was yet to blog today.

Recently, I’ve not allowed myself to forget to blog because at all points during the day I’m like “have not blogged yet have not blogged yet have not blogged yet” and then when I do, it’s like the light changes from red to green (or the converse, from green to red, depending on your preferred imagery) and the siren flashes “Blogging is done”

Although somewhat annoying, it’s handy. Because it makes me think about things during the day, I get little flashes of inspiration about what today’s post could be about. Like yesterday, when I got in the car to drive to Alice’s and I had to use my SatNav, I knew that the post for that day would be about getting lost whilst driving etc, and I thought of the title ‘direction’, so I already had something to run with for the post yesterday.

But today because I’m tired from football I just got into bed and turned off. Didn’t even think that I had a blog to write/update.

No worries though, the post is here. It’s a rambly, nonsensery,shambles of a post but as long as it’s around 300 words and was posted before sleep on the day of 5th February, then we’re all good.

Until tomorrow, we’re all good.



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