February 4th 2015

Today I drove to Newport to see Alice. Newport is literally down the road (The road being the M4) from Cardiff, and I’ve made the drive probably 100 times. But still I had to use a satnav.

My sense of direction is awful.

The main problem is that I just forget where to go. I forget what junction to get off, which exit to take on the roundabouts. I just… Forget.

My memory is awful.

Every time I make the journey from mine to Alice’s and then back again, I have to use a SatNav. And that’s ridiculous, and it infuriates me, and it worries me. Because in a few months time I’m going to have to navigate my way around Europe. And if I can’t get down the road without use of a SatNav how the bloody hell am I gonna get from country to country? Especially when I don’t speak the language. (Hence the desire to learn to speak a language or six)

I am altogether too reliant on the fact that I can just plug my phone into the aux cord, type in a postcode and some Australian lady will take me to wherever I want to go.

My Dad could get you to the door of any household in the entire country. He could tell you the postcode of a street name in Manchester. He could drive to your house, wherever you live in Europe, without a SatNav, without a map, without asking for directions.

Me? I can’t even drive down the road without getting lost.

Until tomorrow, remember where you’re going.



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