February 3rd 2015

Today I ran, and I must’ve left my breath somewhere on the streets of Cardiff because I’ve been home twenty minutes and it’s still not come back. If anyone see’s it, let me know. I am sat/led here coughing and spluttering and sniffling and spitting and feeling completely and wholely satisfied. I ran 2 miles in 30 minutes and I didn’t even run most of it. For most of that I was sat a bus stop fiddling around with the Nike+ Running app, procrastinating/breathing.

Although I feel crap now I know that what I’ve just done is life changing. It was the first run. The first step. Due to what I have been told is a fast metabolism, the mountains of food I eat does not affect my weight, I’m skinny as hell. But I am unfit. And I would, you know, like to not be unfit. (more commonly known as being fit) But to me, starting to run is about more than getting fit. It’s about getting out of the house, getting out of my head. I spend most, if not sometimes all, of my day with my head behind a screen or in a book. And I reckon it’s not a bad idea to let me head have some fresh air for once.

I’ve chosen to run late at night, rather than early in the morning (or indeed anywhere in between) for a couple reasons:

1) It’s quiet.
2) It’s dark.
3) It’s cold.

Something about running at night time when it’s quiet and cold out appeals to me. Less people on the streets seems less judgy, which I’m fine with. The cold’s never really bothered me, in fact it’s welcomed as a kind of body temperature moderator. And it being night time and dark means there’s less going on, less to distract me, so I can kinda get out of my head for a bit. Although, having said that. I live in a heavily student populated part of Cardiff, so there’s plethora’s of drunken stumblers strolling/stumbling around late at night. Although with my head down, eyes forward, and earphones in I barely notice them. Listening to music is important for me, again, it makes it a lot easier for me to get out of my head. All I’m thinking about it breathing in and out, putting one foot in front of the other, and occasionally singing along to the song in my head.

4) It tires me out.
5) It cleanses me.

I have a really messed up sleeping pattern, insofar as usually when I’m at uni I go to sleep anywhere between 2 and 5am before waking up for a 9am lecture. Which, obviously, leaves me being knackered during lectures the next day. But I struggle with the fact that I physically cannot sleep unless I am tired. I don’t get to the point where it’s 11/12 at night and I think to myself “I should probably go to bed now” I just can’t do it. If I put my head down to sleep when I’m not tired, I just… can’t. I end up flicking through my phone, or watching YouTube, or texting. And because I’m doing these things because I’m not tired, it makes it very hard to switch off. (Both switching off my brain and my phone) So the plan is to go for a run at 11pm, get back at 11:30, shower, blog, sleep by 12. I know that is ambitious, and it will very rarely happen like that, but if I come home from a late run as tired as I am now, I’m gonna end up getting an extra 3 hours sleep a night, which will help my concentration in lectures, and ultimately improve my grade. He said.

6) I’ve nothing better to be doing

Late at night I’m usually, like I said, up until 3am, on xbox, watching a film, occasionally reading, or something completely unproductive. Effectively I could replace that downtime with a run, and get a few hours extra sleep to improve my health/fitness.

I plan on doing this every day, I plan on gradually increasing distance and duration day by day, I plan on making a timetable documenting what I’m doing at what hour of what day, not just for running but for, you know, life in general.

Until tomorrow, I rarely follow through on my plans.



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