February 2nd 2015

Today I had my first lecture of 2015. Which meant it was time to try out some of my new-semester processes. For example, this semester (i’ve told myself) I’m going to be organised. Write down the notes and file them away in separate folders, with the accompanying sheets, holepunched, labelled etc. I did that today. But doing it for one day is easy. Doing it every day will be difficult. Hopefully it will become a habit, like writing this every day.

Writing this is sometimes becoming a chore, and there are times, like right now for instance, where I just wanna get into bed and sleep, but instead I have to/want to write this. I’m doing all of this to try and drill motivation into me. I’m teaching myself to get into more of a routine, be more organised, etc.

I was supposed to go for my first run of the year tonight, but instead I had a FIFA tournament with the boys in my house. The tournament went badly for me and I ragequit it. Looking back, I probably should’ve gone for a run instead. I plan on running at night, at like 11, so by the time I’m back I’m tired enough to fall straight asleep so I get plenty of sleep before getting up early for Uni the next morning. Usually I fall asleep at 3/4am, but I want that to change this semester so I’m more switched on for lectures in the morning.

I realised that revision/exams would be a lot easier if I did work throughout the term, which is what I PLAN on doing. Having said that, I always plan like this at the beginning of the term. I say I’m going to knuckle down, I say I will concentrate more than ever before, last semester I even left my phone at home when I went to lectures so I could concentrate more. That lasted about a week.

But something feels different this term. I feel more determined and motivated. Maybe because I am actively tracking my progress through this blog, and if I’m not doing what I say I want to be doing then I will have a record of it. A reminder of my failings.

Also today, my Mum finished reading my book. She loved it. She said whence I’ve finished Uni we should start looking into doing something with it. Agent/Editor/Publisher etc. That suddenly made everything seem a lot more real.

Until tomorrow, take notes.



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