February 1st 2015

Today, I am back in Wales after a long, long day’s travelling. We woke up this morning about 2am, left the hotel at 4, and walked down the mountain to the bus stop. We got on the bus and our Ski-rep said over the tannoy “Welcome to this bus to Barcelona… blahblah” Immediate panic. We, and seemingly everyone else, thought that we were supposed to be on a bus to Toulouse airport, from where a plane would take us to London Gatwick. Instead (and this is quite ironic considering what I posted a few days ago about Andorra going from very French to very Spanish very quickly) we were to get our flight from Barcelona.

We found out that this was because of snow/weather meaning we couldn’t fly from Toulouse, so Thomson/Crystal Ski/Whomever had re-arranged us all on to a flight from Barcelona. It would’ve been nice to know that before we got on the bus, mind.

What it did mean however was my first visit to mainland Spain, I’ve hit many of the neighbouring islands before, Majorca/Ibiza/Tenerife/Etcetera, but I’d never been to mainland Spain. Unfortunately, I couldn’t tell you what Spain or Barcelona looked like outside of the airport because 1) it was dark (did i mention it was 4am) and 2) I slept pretty much the entire way.

Barcelona airport was lovely, mind.

On the flight I started Catcher in the Rye. Smashing book so far, but more on that over the next few days. And then I fell asleep again. We went through the usual rigmarole of going through customs and passport control etc (For the record, Spanish security are a lot less uptight (more downtight?) than their English counterparts) then got on a bus to the Car Park, then got in the car and started the journey home. A true story of planes, trains, and auto-mobiles just with less John Candy.

On the way back I slept as much as I could, counting sheep became a lot easier when we got into Wales, so sleep welcomed me. And right now, I welcome sleep. Tomorrow real life begins again, and I have to start re-attending lectures. What a load of crap. Expect the full holiday review tomorrow when I am less exhausted.

Until tomorrow, 1 sheep. 2 sheep. 3 sheep.



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